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Ziggy's Express

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Discover the oasis of convenience that is Ziggy's Express. As a family restaurant, gas station, and convenience store, there aren't many places in the country that offer as much in one place as we do. You can stock up on beer and smokes, enjoy a homemade meal, and fill your tank at our one-stop-shop. We also espouse an old-fashioned philosophy of outstanding service to the community, whether it is with homemade food or quality products. Contact us to learn more about our wide array of services.

Ziggy's Express

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Ziggy's Express

Family Restaurant

Ziggy's Express

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Ziggy's Express

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About Us

Ziggy's Express is the number one rest and refill destination on the I-84 Corridor because we know that satisfied customers are the foundation of our business.

At Ziggy's, we strive to create a fantastic experience for our guests and staff alike. Our goal is to provide inviting and sparkling clean facilities and to exceed expectations by extending personal attention, quality products, competitive pricing, and a friendly environment, as well as opportunities for our local community members, travelers, and the next generation.

We hope to impress new and repeat guests alike so that all who leave our facilities have the desire to return.

Every employee who joins our family is treated with equality, care, courtesy, and respect. We understand that our employees are the face of Ziggy's, and we promise to remember our roots as we expand and grow.

Ziggy's Express